The need to do more to protect Palestinian civilians in Gauzethe US Secretary of State emphasized in his statements on Friday, Anthony Blinken.

“Many Palestinians have been killed. “Too many have suffered in these past weeks and we want to do everything possible to protect them and maximize the assistance that is provided to them,” the head of US diplomacy told reporters on the sidelines of US-India Ministerial Dialogue in New Delhi. “More can and should be done”he characteristically said.

Blinken expressed his appreciation for his decision Israel to begin implementing daily, four-hour humanitarian pauses in specific areas of northern Gaza to allow Palestinians to evacuate or stock up on food, water, medicine or other essential goods amid the fighting.

THE American Foreign Minister said the US would continue to discuss concrete steps Israel can take to protect civilians amid the conflict in Gaza, while working “round the clock” to secure the release of the 239 hostages.

Blinken argued that the USA have put together a set of “basic principles” to guide the post-war peace effort: no violent displacement of Palestinians from Gaza; no use of Gaza as a platform for terrorist attacks against Israel, no reduction in Gaza territory and a commitment to Palestinian-led governance for Gaza and the West Bank, in a unified manner.