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Albania: Former Minister Saimir Tahiri Sentenced to Unprotected Imprisonment


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Court in Albania ruled today that the former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri should build imprisonment three years and four months for offense of abuse of power, annulling the decision of a lower court that had released him on suspension.

THE Tahir was judged guilty the 2019 for abuse of power when he was Minister of Interior, between 2013-17. He was sentenced to three years and four months in prison with a suspension, while he was acquitted of drug trafficking charges.

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The prosecutor’s office appealed the decision at first instance. Today, the Supreme Court ruled that the former minister received gifts from drug traffickers and abused his power. He denies any wrongdoing. “I’m sorry that this is how things turned out. I never broke the law. “It’s just unfair,” he wrote on his Facebook page after the judges’ verdict became known.

By law, he should start serving his sentence immediately.

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Tahiri was once a close ally of Prime Minister Eddy Rama. His case, however, did not affect the popularity of Rama, who secured a third term as prime minister in the April 2021 elections.

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