The postponement of the debate on Sweden’s accession to NATO was decided by Foreign Affairs Committee of the Turkish National Assembly.

“Due to the lack of clarity of the subject under discussion and the lack of maturity of the negotiations, the articles of the proposal should not be discussed and the negotiations should be terminated,” reads the proposal by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) MPs, which was adopted by Committee, according to state network TRT.

Previously, speaking to the Committee on the entire draft law, which also includes the approval of the protocol of Sweden’s accession to the Alliance, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Turkey, Burak Aksaparfirst reported that Sweden and Finland pledged to prevent the financing and recruitment activities of the PKK terrorist organization, not to provide support to the “Gulenists”, followers of the preacher Fethullah Gulen, whom the Turkish government accuses of masterminding the attempt coup of 2016, take legal measures to fight terrorism, and lift restrictions on the sale of defense equipment to Turkey.

Pointing out that the Swedish government has stated that it will remain true to its commitments, Burak Aksapar noted: “The Swedish government has implemented the changes made in the anti-terrorism legislation. In this context, a constitutional amendment was made to punish participation in a terrorist organization. For the first time in Sweden, membership in a terrorist organization was criminalized. Sweden has taken specific measures on terrorist activities, in particular on the activities and financing of the PKK. Circles connected to the PKK cannot find a free field of action in Sweden as in the past. The organization is under pressure.”

The Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister stated that Sweden has also informed Ankara that it has prepared a draft road map that will include the responsibilities it will assume and what steps it will take. He also claimed that terrorist organizations have mobilized against Sweden joining NATO because they believe it strengthens its cooperation in the fight against terrorism.

“We estimate that Sweden’s accession to the NATO it will make the Euro-Atlantic area more secure, serve the further development of our bilateral relations on the basis of alliance ties and responsibilities and contribute to the development of our cooperation, especially in the field of defense industry” concluded Burak Aksapar.