He couldn’t hide the irritation of the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan to a question he received yesterday from a German journalist during the joint press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, after the meeting the two leaders had.

As reported by the SKAI correspondent from Istanbul, Manolis Kostidis, the Turkish president was asked both about his stance towards the Middle East and the attack he is constantly launching against Israel, but also about the issue of the 40 Eurofighters he is asking from Germany.

Specifically, a journalist asked him how can he call a “liberation movement” an organization that almost all NATO countries characterize as a terrorist organization. Are you driving Germany-Turkey relations to dangerous levels? Are you also taking NATO’s cooperation with Turkey to dangerous points?”

In relation to Eurofigter Erdogan was asked: “Also for Turkey there is a request for 40 Eurofigter. Do you think Germany will accept this?”

“Then Recep Tayyip Erdoğan clearly irritated stated that “Turkey is one of the important countries of NATO. As Turkey we are in the first 5 countries in NATO. Turkey is not an ordinary NATO country. They are in the first 5. You talk about hundreds of dead, but I tell you that Israel has killed thousands of Palestinians! Did he kill them? Yes, he killed them. Did it destroy the hospitals? Yes he did. Did it hit places of worship? Yes Did it hit churches? Yes. I as a Muslim am disturbed by this. As a Christian, aren’t you bothered by the blows these churches receive? Take a stand against them too!”

Regarding the Eurofighters, Erdogan characteristically stated that “it doesn’t matter whether or not Germany gives fighter jets or not. Only Germany produces fighters? We can work and get fighters from elsewhere. Turkey is a pioneer country in the production of unmanned combat aircraft. As a journalist don’t threaten us with this! The questions you will ask us will be conscious, humanitarian so that we will also answer you in this way.”