About 35 million voters in Argentina today they go to the polls in the second round of elections to elect their new president.

In the midst of a severe economic crisis, the showdown between center-left Economy Minister Sergio Massa of the Peronist government and liberal “anti-systemic” Javier Millay, is announced as very ambiguous based on the latest opinion polls.

Voting is compulsory in Argentina.

Polling stations will open at 08:00 local time (13:00 Greek time) and will close at 18:00 local time (23:00 Greek time).

The first results are expected in the early hours of Monday.

Self-proclaimed “anarcho-capitalist” Miley promises radical change. He wants to introduce the US dollar as legal tender, abolish the central bank and several ministries, and drastically cut social spending.

“No one so extreme on economic issues has ever been elected president of a South American country,” said economist Mark Weisbrot of the US Center for Economic and Policy Research.

“His extremist views and values ​​go far beyond macroeconomic policy — he struggles to recognize any legitimate role for government in some of the most important policies that most people consider necessary for a democratic, humane and stable society,” he noted. Weisbrot.

Miley’s radical program is particularly popular with young voters. Many of them have only known in their lives a continuous state of crisis, they are disappointed with the political establishment and want a new beginning.

Government candidate Masa on the other hand is likely to continue the current policy of massive state interventions in the economy and extensive social programs.