A Hamas command and control room under al-Shifa hospital was reportedly found by IDF soldiers, as Benjamin Netanyahu’s adviser confirmed. Mark Regeff.

“We found a command and control room on the minus 2 floor of the hospital. Once again we prove the connection between the Hamas tunnel network and the hospital,” Regev said in BBC.

The Israeli prime minister’s adviser also said there were fears of booby traps for IDF forces in the underground tunnels and that the Israeli Army will have definitive data in the next few days.

According to IDFthe soldiers discovered a 55-meter tunnel, at a depth of 10 meters under the al-Sifa hospital complex.

As the IDF describes it, a deep staircase leads to the entrance of the tunnel shaft, which consists of various defenses, including an explosion-proof door and a firing hole. This type of door is used by Hamas to prevent Israeli forces from entering command centers and basements belonging to the Hamas.

The tunnel shaft was discovered in the hospital area under a shed next to a vehicle containing numerous weapons such as RPGs, explosives and Kalashnikovs.