A ‘mutiny’ is in full swing at artificial intelligence startup OpenAI for the sake of the AI ​​”guru”. Sam Altman, according to Forbes.

More than 500 OpenAI employees applied by the company’s Board of Directors to resign after the removal of the former managing director, explaining that he is “unable to supervise» the company.

Employees are threatening to leave the nonprofit to to join Microsoft which was quick to hire Altman.

A letter signed by the employees stated that the process by which the Board fired Altman and removed Chairman Greg Brockman “it jeopardized all the work he was doing and undermined our mission and our company.”

It is noted that OpenAI’s investors are trying to relieve the company’s board of directors and reinstate Sam Altman as CEO, in a “spectacular counter-coup”, as reported by the FT.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sam Altman is considering a return, but has made it clear to shareholders that he wants a new board of directors and a new management structure as a prerequisite, while considering the option of starting a new company with former OpenAI colleagues.