Residents of communities four kilometers or more from the Gaza Strip can return to their homes, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said, according to Israeli media reports.

“Surrounded” Jambaliya

At the same time, the IDF points out that its 162nd Division has completed the encirclement of Jabaliya in northern Gaza and is ready to deepen the fighting.

At the same time, the 215th Artillery and the Air Force carried out heavy strikes in Jambaliya to “prepare the ground for battle”, the IDF reports, as three tunnel entrances were identified on the outskirts of the area, with Hamas operatives inside, which the Israeli forces struck.

Additionally, troops from the 401st Armored Brigade and the Nahal Infantry Brigade battled Hamas operatives on the outskirts of Jabalia. The forces found and destroyed rocket launchers in the area, the IDF said.