The head of the Mossad David Barnea is in Doha for talks with CIA Director Bill Burns and top Qatari officialsaccording to Times of Israel.

This is Barnea’s third voyage in Qatar since the start of the war, while top Qatari officials have also gone to Israel, as well Doha mediates between Israel and Hamas.

The visit comes after Israel and Hamas agreed to a two-day extension of the temporary ceasefire in order to allow the release of at least 20 more hostages from Gaza.

Barnea’s talks focus on securing the release of the additional 20 hostagesand possibly in extending the temporary truce for more daysin order to secure the release of all women and children.

Israel estimates that there are as many as 93 women and children being held from the Islamic terror groups, excluding the five female soldiers, and believes the next two days are critical to persuading Hamas to expand the deal to include them all.

Israel agreed to release 30 Palestinian prisoners and extend the ceasefire by 24 hours for every 10 Israeli hostages released.

So far Hamas has released 51 Israelis and another 19 foreign workers.

The second reason for Barnea’s journey is to lay the groundwork for future agreements which could include hostages not covered by the current agreement, including men and possibly soldiers.