The margin of the difference between the contenders for the presidency of Mexico has closed slightly, however the former mayor of the Mexican capital and the candidate of the coalition, Claudia Sheinbaum (Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo), continues to gather twice the percentage of the voting intentions of the nearest rival of Sochil Galves.

According to a poll published yesterday Monday by the Buendía & Marquez Institute on behalf of the newspaper El Universal, 61-year-old Sheinbaumcandidate of the center-left ruling party Movement for National Renaissance (MORENA), gathers the 48% of voting intentions, compared to 24% of Mrs. Galves.

The conservative senator Galves she is a candidate tripartite coalition of the spectrum from center-left to center-right.

THE Samuel Garcia, who is claiming the nomination of another centre-left party, the Citizens Movement (MC), follows at a great distance (8%).

However, one in five voters in the sample did not express a preference.

The presidential election is still several months away, not taking place until June 2, 2024.

Stable lead for López Obrador’s candidate

A poll published at the beginning of October indicated that the former mayor of the capital had an even greater lead over the candidate of the major opposition parties (50 against 20%). That poll included a fourth candidate, from the right, who was not taken into account this time.

Ms Sheinbaum is supported by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, whose popularity remains extremely high.

Under Mexican law, the person elected to the presidency serves only one six-year term.

According to Jorge Buendia, the head of the polling institute, if Ms. Gálvez wants to increase her chances, she needs to improve her visibility and attract the undecided and those who generally do not follow politics closely, as in his view these are strata of the population that can change the balance.

Besides, an analysis of polls by the company Consulta Mitofsky, which removed from the picture those who are undecided and those who say they do not support any and all candidates, brings Mrs. Sheinbaum to have a bigger difference, almost 36 percentage points, gathering 62.7% of the voting intentions, compared to 26.9% of Ms. Galvez and 9.3% of Mr. Garcia.