Statements on Greece-Turkey relations, shortly before his upcoming official visit to our country, on December 7, Erdogan made today, speaking to journalists before his planned trip.

“Our hope is that a new era will begin. As I always say:We try to increase friends and decrease enemiessaid the Turkish president, as reported by SKAI’s correspondent in Istanbul, Manolis Kostidis.

“It is not right for two countries, which are so close in distance and so intertwined in their past, to still march with voices that fuel enmity,” Erdogan said.

However, he stressed that he would “in Athens we will go with a kazan kazan approach (win-win). There we will discuss both our bilateral relations and Turkey-European Union relations in order to make decisions worthy of the spirit of the new era”

The Turkish president also said that “the United States, is trying to turn us against each other».

While they didn’t give us F-16s even though we paid for them, they still send F-16s and ammunition to Greece.

“We visit our neighbor and sit and talk. If we don’t engage in behavior that would harm each other’s interests, there will be no problem. We continue our way as it is. Of course, we have differences of opinion and there are deep issues that cannot be resolved at once. However, there are also issues that we can solve immediately and that will broaden the basis for cooperation,” he said.

If we can start a new era, keep our promises and develop these relationships on a platform free from outside influences, I am sure we will benefit. Our understanding of foreign policy is not “I always win and the other side loses,” he said.