IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Herchi Halevi confirmed on Sunday that the army begins operations in southern Gaza, while land operations continue in the northern part of the Strip.

Speaking to the Israeli forces of the Gaza Division in southern Israel, Halevi underlined: “yesterday, today, we killed battalion commanders [της Χαμάς], company commanders and many soldiers. And yesterday morning we started the same movement in the south of the Gaza Strip.”

Herzi Halevi / IDF

“It will be no less powerful than [τις επιχειρήσεις στη βόρεια Γάζα], it will not have less results”, he explained. “The commanders of Hamas they will meet the IDF everywhere.”

“We have the capabilities to do it in the most thorough way, and as we did it forcefully and thoroughly in the north of the Gaza Strip, we are doing it now in the south of the Gaza Strip, and we also continue to strengthen our achievements in the north of the Gaza Strip,” he added.

Israeli tanks have been deployed outside Khan Yunis in southern Gaza as reported by the SKAI envoy in the region, Stavros Ioannidis. Hamas also claimed to have clashed with troops in the area.

It is noted that Israel requested the evacuation of areas of Khan Yunis in the south, through specific safe areas, which are shown on a map that he made public. Video shows the consequences to Khan Younis after a severe beating.

Israeli forces they have identified 800 wells leading to Hamas’ vast underground network of tunnels and shelters since the ground operation in Gaza began on October 27 and have destroyed more than half of them, the army said earlier.

The Palestinian Islamist group said before the war in the Gaza Strip, now eight weeks old, that it had hundreds of kilometers of tunnels – a network comparable in size to New York’s subway system – for protection and for operational use. its base.

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