The cases of coronavirus doubled in Italy the last three weeksas the first week of November was 27,000, while the latter reached 52,175.

As the Italian newspaper La Repubblica writes today, only 7% of citizens who belong to vulnerable groups and are over 70 years old have been vaccinated against the virus. The Italian Federation of Cardiologists, Oncologists and Hematologists expresses concern and underlines that “up to 15,000 deaths may be recorded”.

As the scientists underline, in the last three weeks the admissions of patients with Covid-19 to hospitals have increased by 58%, while it is considered virtually certain that a large percentage of cases have not even been recorded. At the same time, based on official data, 300 patients, the vast majority of them over 80 years of age, died from the coronavirus in the last week.

“In Italy, in the last period, the danger of the virus is underestimated, because many believe that it is a simple flu, that they have complete immunity or that it always concerns someone else,” writes the Rome newspaper.