The son of Yemen’s former defense minister was involved in a traffic accident, seriously injuring a 71-year-old woman.

The accident was widely publicized in Turkey because it happened in the shadow of the uproar that has caused another traffic accident case – a fatal one in that case – involving the son of the president of Somalia, a close ally of Turkey, who fled the country because of the oligarchy – or cover-up – of the police authorities, as is complained of.

The accident happened on Sunday, December 10, around 2:00 p.m., in one of Pera’s main passages, in the center of Constantinople. According to witnesses, the car driven by Musaid Ahmed Musaid Hussain hit two people who were trying to cross the road. A 71-year-old woman fell to the ground, hit her head on the pavement, and is now in hospital with serious injuries, without escaping the danger.

Musaid Ahmed Musaid Hussain, 27, was arrested and later released on bail. His father and former Yemeni defense minister, Ahmed Musaid Hussein, was in the passenger seat at the time of the accident.

The news would not have dominated the Turkish media if it had not been preceded by the death of a motorbike deliveryman in Istanbul when he was hit by the car driven by the son of the Somali president.

The case was highlighted mainly by the mayor of Istanbul, Ekrem Imamoglu, a political opponent of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, because Mohamed Hasan Sheikh Mohamud was released without any judicial review or restrictive conditions after the first police interrogation. “The suspect left Turkey” undisturbed, Mr. Imamoglu pointed out with indignation, on Saturday, with his post on the X platform, adding that “the prevailing mentality of turning a blind eye” when it comes to the powerful does not allow “the defense of rights of the citizens of our own country”.

An international arrest warrant was issued against Sheikh Mohamud.