Poland’s newly elected pro-EU Prime Minister Donald Tusk delivered important messages in his keynote address to the Polish parliament today to mark Poland’s return to the European stage, his unwavering support for war-torn Ukraine and his will to the reconstruction of the divided Polish society.

Poland’s parliament will be called this afternoon to give a vote of confidence to the liberal, pro-European coalition government led by Donald Tusk, ending eight years of rule by the ultra-conservative, ultra-nationalist, populist Law and Justice Party.

Donald Tusk called the world to universal mobilization in favor of Ukraine and gave the assurance that he will act effectively in favor of Kiev.

“We will loudly and clearly call for universal mobilization of the free world, of the West, in favor of Ukraine in this war. There is no alternative”, warned the new prime minister from the floor of the Polish Diet.

The former president of the European Council (2014 – 2019) also said he was looking forward to meeting this week with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during the European summit in Brussels.

He also promised to solve the problem of the border with Ukraine blocked by Polish carriers.

“We have already found solutions to respond as soon as possible to the needs of Polish transporters to open the border,” he said, accusing the previous government of abandoning truck drivers who have been protesting for months.

The will to cooperate with Kiev is mutual, since President Zelensky immediately sent via X (Twitter) congratulations to Donald Tusk on assuming the Prime Ministership.

Donald Tusk also said that he would restore Poland’s credibility within the European Union and give it a strong voice.

“We are stronger, more dominant not only when Poland is strong, but also when the European Union is strong,” the Polish prime minister told parliament.

Poland will be an important ally in NATO, a loyal ally of the United States and regain a leading position in Europe, the Polish prime minister said, stressing however that he would not agree to any changes in European conditions that would be at the expense of his country.

“Any attempts to change the conditions that will be at the expense of our interests are excluded…no one will put me down in the European Union,” said the former president of the European Council.

He also promised to restore the rule of law in Poland, a source of conflict between Warsaw under the previous government and Brussels. The EU has blocked 35 billion euros intended for Poland under the Union Recovery Plan because of Warsaw’s judicial reforms that have damaged the independence of judges.

“Yes, I will bring those long-awaited billions from Brussels,” said Donald Tusk, who served as prime minister from 2007 to 2014.

Unexpectedly, the new prime minister is expected to be sworn in tomorrow morning.

Although the liberal, pro-EU coalition of Polish parties won parliamentary elections on October 15, nationalist Polish President Andrzej Duda, an ally of the outgoing government, initially entrusted the formation of the new government to PiS, stalling and giving populist nationalists two more months in power.

Yesterday the Polish parliament refused to give a vote of confidence to the outgoing government of Mateusz Morawiecki, before electing Donald Tusk as prime minister.

Calling the eight years of PiS rule a “period of turmoil”, Donald Tusk said his government would try to “fix all the wrongs”.

Expectations from the new pro-European Polish government are huge, but nationalist-populists will remain a strong opposition and continue to control many state institutions.

Political analysts are talking about the “spider web” that PiS has woven around the Polish state, a web that combines with Andrzej Duda’s presidential term that will not end before 2025. Duda is ready to veto of the laws that the parliament will have passed, sabotaging the work of the new Polish government.