A 35-year-old man who drove his car, filled with petrol cans, into a New Year’s Eve crowd outside a concert venue in New York Statesuccumbed to his injuries overnight, city police said Rochester.

Authorities have not yet clarified the man’s motive or any connection to terrorist organizations. Discussions with his family suggest he may have had an “undiagnosed psychological problem,” Rochester Police Chief David Smith said.

THE Michael Averyfrom Syracuse of New York, rented an SUV at the Rochester airport on December 30 and spent the rest of the day buying gas cans from various stores in the area. At around 12.52pm on Sunday night, it struck the Kodak Center in Rochester as concertgoers were leaving the venue. He drove his vehicle into a car pulling out of the parking lot, killing two of its passengers. From the violent collision, the vehicle crashed into the crowd, injuring at least 9 pedestrians.

Authorities said local police and the FBI will continue to investigate the case.

“All of us here still have a lot of questions. Why Rochester? Why Syracuse? Why all those gas cans? All of this we will continue to investigate,” Rochester Mayor Malik Evans said.

Special Agent Jeremy Bell, the head of the local FBI office, confirmed that the federal police are involved in the investigations, noting that this is not unusual. “I can tell you that so far we have not found any evidence of an ideological connection (of the perpetrator) with terrorism, domestic or international,” he stressed.