North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has argued that it is time to label South Korea as his country’s “main enemy”, declaring that he will not hesitate to engage in war, North Korea’s official news agency (KCNA) reported today.

Kim Jong Un has accused Seoul of stoking confrontation and an arms race, again calling for a boost to his country’s armed forces, with an emphasis on Pyongyang’s deterrent nuclear arsenal.

Kim made the comments during his visit this week to a munitions factory, KCNA said. The North Korean leader called the deterioration of relations with South Korea an “inevitable reality”, arguing that while he does not intend to proceed with “unilateral actions” that would lead to a “big event” on the Korean peninsula, at the same time “we have no intention whatsoever to avoid the war”.

In his New Year’s message, Kim Jong Un ruled out any reconciliation or unification with South Korea, announcing a “decisive change of policy” towards Seoul.