“The death toll on such a large scale, the destruction” and “pain of the last 100 days” since the start of the war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas is “a stain on our common humanity,” said the head of the UN agency for Palestine refugees ( UNRWA).

“It’s been 100 days since this devastating war began, killing and displacing people in Gaza, following the horrific attacks by Hamas and other organizations against the people of Israel. It has been a hundred days of hardship and agony for the hostages and their families,” said Philippe Lazzarini in a statement issued while on Palestinian soil.

What the population of the Gaza Strip is going through “it is unbearable, with a battle against time against hunger”, warned the senior UN official.

“The situation of the children is particularly heartbreaking. It will take years to heal an entire generation of traumatized children,” he noted.

Lazzarini also asked that buildings such as hospitals or UNRWA facilities be kept away from war conflicts. These infrastructures “should never be used by any party for military purposes,” it said

He said 146 UNRWA workers had been killed since the start of the October 7 war between Israel and Hamas.