Thousands of vinyl records and equipment from the BBC archive are to be sold at auction this month.

The online auction is being organized by Omega Auctions, who have been granted access to the BBC archives.

The list includes rare vinyls, equipment and memorabilia of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Omega Auctions clarified in a post on Twitter: “This does not constitute the entire BBC vinyl archive, which is still intact. These are largely double copies of LPs – so that the collection can be moved and stored better for the future.”

A 1930s BBC timer, an illuminated sign, a radio microphone, a pack of rare Pink Floyd LPs, a pack of copies of The Beatles’ “Please Please Me” LP and more are up for sale in the first phase of the auction, which is already being bid on .

Vinyl record collectors can also acquire original copies of David Bowie’s The Man Who Sold The World, classical and jazz, blues, folk, rock, punk and indie music records.

The first batch of BBC records, equipment and memorabilia will be auctioned on January 30.