The German far-right party Alternative for Germany (AfD), which is rising in the polls, is considering if he comes to power, to organize a referendum on Germany’s possible exit from the European Unionshe said in an interview published today co-leader of the party Alice Weidel.

“If reform is not possible, if we fail to restore the sovereignty of EU member states, we should let the people decide, as the UK did”Weidel said speaking to the Financial Times.

We could organize a referendum on ‘Dexit’ – Germany’s exit from the EU,” she added, hailing as “a model for Germany” the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union after the 2016 referendum.

The German far-right is now expressing its will to govern as, according to opinion polls, it has been in second place nationally for months (around 22%), ahead of Chancellor Olaf Solz’s Social Democratic Party and slightly behind the conservatives.

The next parliamentary elections will be held in 2025, and the AfD will for the first time present one or more candidates for the chancellorship.

The main parties have instead ruled out forming an alliance or governing with this anti-EU and anti-immigrant formationin a context of increasing fragmentation of the political landscape, which necessitates the formation of coalitions at national and regional level.

Three important regional election contests will take place in September in eastern Germany and the AfD is seen as the favourite, according to polls, with over 30%.