A letter from Ankara claims to be in possession of the State Department to Congress through which Ankara pledges to de-escalate tensions with Greece in the Aegean and everything that happened in the previous months with the Greek armed forces, as revealed by the New York Times. In fact, according to what his correspondent reported SKA in America, Christodoulos Athanasatos, The New York Times reports that the heads of the two foreign affairs committees of the Senate and House are asking the State Department to make the document public what he claims to have in order to proceed with the sale of the F-16s.

It is recalled that on Wednesday, US President Joe Biden sent a letter to four senior members of the US Congress, asking them to immediately approve the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey, as reported by the New York Times. These are top Democrats and Republicans on the Senate and House Foreign Relations Committees, which oversee arms sales to third countries. So far the four top lawmakers have not given their approval while they may ask the Biden administration to provide assurances about Turkey’s foreign policy actions before agreeing to the sale of the jets.

However, as the New York Times estimates, it will not be easy for Joe Biden to secure the consent of all four executives. If someone does not consent 15 days after the request is submitted they will enter a voting process.