THE Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani he referred again to the case of the thirty-nine-year-old Italian professor Ilaria Salis, who was arrested a year ago in Budapest on charges of attacking and beating two neo-Nazis during a commemoration ceremony for supporters of the Hitler regime.

Images of the woman’s trial yesterday sent shockwaves through Italy as she was handcuffed. “Her extradition to Italy is not provided for by law because she did not commit any crimes in Italy and was arrested in Hungary. The alleged offense was committed in Hungary and must therefore be tried there,” the Italian foreign minister stressed.

At the same time, Antonio Tajani added that “the ambassador of his country in Budapest spoke to the Hungarian Minister of Justice, with a request to ask the general prosecutor to evaluate Ilaria’s state of health and to report to him immediately”. “What we can do is protest about the conditions of detention, we cannot mediate about the trial,” concluded the head of Italian diplomacy.