An agreement between Democrats and Republicans was unveiled in the US Senate on Sunday, the fruit of months of negotiations, which — at least in theory — allows unblocking the granting of further military and economic aid to Ukraine and Israel, while at the same time toughening US policy on immigration and the asylum.

The adoption of this text, however, is far from guaranteed, as more and more Republicans in the House of Representatives are openly opposed to providing further funds to Kiev to deal with Russia’s military invasion.

According to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, the text is expected to come up for an initial vote on Wednesday.

It provides an additional $20 billion for border security, $60 billion more to support Ukraine, $14 billion more to support Israel, $2.4 billion for CENTCOM action, and operations in the Red Sea and nearly $5 billion to support US partners in the “Indo-Pacific,” according to Democratic Sen. Patty Murray. Another $10 billion will be allocated to provide humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and the Ukrainians.

US President Joe Biden emphasized immediately after the presentation of this agreement that he “strongly” supports it and called for it to be “adopted” by Congress as soon as possible.