The start of the European business is expected on Monday, February 19 “Shields” in the Foreign Affairs Council. However, the exact date on which the action will begin will be announced at a later date.

As he mentioned European official in a briefing to correspondents in Brussels, there will be no military action against the Houthis, but “the rules of engagement are clear. If a ship is attacked, it will respond,” he said, adding that “there will be close coordination with everyone around the area because it’s a very crowded part of the ocean.”

Also, according to the same source, in the area there will be forces from France, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Germany and Spain, but this “does not mean that they have been developed for the business itself”. At the same time, the European official pointed out that since it is “a defense operation, it means that we are fully operating in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 2272. In this resolution, the Houthis are called upon to cease all attacks on merchants and commercial ships and notes the right to defend ships from such attacks. All this is in accordance with international law.”

Operational commander has been appointed Commander-in-Chief Vassilios Gryparisthe deputy commander is French, while the operational headquarters is in Larissa and the naval command is held by Italy.