Hungary, the last member country of NATO which has not ratified Sweden’s accession to the alliance, is preparing to proceed on Monday to the relevant vote in its parliament, according to a request made today by the ruling party

“I ask the president of the parliament to include in the agenda of the meeting of February 26 the final vote on Sweden’s accession protocol in the treaty of the Atlantic alliance, which we intend to support”the president of the parliamentary group of the Fidesz party, Mate Kocsis, said in a Facebook post.

In Stockholm, Swedish Defense Minister Pal Jonsson said how he welcomes the news.

“Of course we welcome this,” he told a press conference, referring to the announcement by the Hungarian Fidesz parliamentary group.

Viktor Orbán was reacting to Sweden’s accession to NATO, seeking from the Scandinavian country in return a more “flexible” approach to human rights issues. It was preceded by the ratification of the accession by Ankara.