The Los Angeles Police Department on Wednesday released footage of an operation that led to the death of a man wielding a plastic fork.

Jason Makani, 36, was killed on February 3 by a police officer who was using his service weapon. An investigation is underway to determine whether the use of deadly force was appropriate; police have released video and stills of the operation.

“I continue to be troubled by the officer’s decision to use deadly force,” Los Angeles Police Chief Michael Moore admitted during a news conference last week.

Images from CCTV and police body cameras show the suspect as he is cornered by seven officers in the city center building. He first raises his hands and steps back as they ask, then suddenly turns towards them, looking like he wants to attack them.

He was holding a “white object in his right hand,” according to a police statement. Although at first its members thought it was a “knife”, it later turned out “to be a plastic fork”. The video depicts the skirmish between the police and the young man in the narrow corridor.

Police said the suspect tried to wrestle from a female officer’s shotgun and a colleague shot him with live bullets after others were unable to stop him with non-lethal rounds.

After being taken to a hospital, Jason Makani succumbed to his injuries.

Police received a call from what they described as a “suspicious person” armed with a “bat” who was “threatening workers” at a warehouse, according to their statement. The description was exaggerated, according to the investigation so far.

“It appears at this stage that the person who made the call deliberately exaggerated the information they gave about the situation in order to get the service to act faster,” Mr Moore explained last week.

According to statements made by the victim’s brother to the Los Angeles Times, Jason McAnney was in the midst of a “bipolar episode” when he was killed. He suffered from mental health problems for a long time, but “was never violent”.