The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the expansion of the list of officials of the European Union and politicians banned from entering Russia in response to the latest package of European sanctions against Moscow.

European Union member states approved a 13th package of sanctions against Russia, imposing restrictive measures on 200 people and companies accused of helping Moscow to supply weapons, being involved in the abduction of children from Ukraine or helping to circumvent sanctions.

“The European Union continues its fruitless attempts to pressure Russia through unilateral and restrictive measures,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“In response to these unfriendly actions, the Russian side significantly expanded the list of the representatives of the European institutions and the EU member states who are prohibited from entering the territory of our country”.

At list includes representatives of law enforcement agencies and commercial organizations that supplied military aid to Ukraine, representatives of European institutions that participated in the prosecution of Russian officials, and those that collected material to support the idea of ​​confiscating Russian assets. The Russian list includes representatives of the Council of Europe and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, who make aggressive statements against Russia, according to the announcement of the Russian Foreign Ministry.