At least two people were killed during Friday night to Saturday in Ukraine in Russian drone attacks in Kharkiv and Odesa, according to Ukrainian authorities.

A young man was killed and other people, including a three-year-old child, were injured when a Russian drone struck a block of flats in Odessa.

“The three-year-old child has injuries to his calf and is under medical observation,” Odesa regional governor Oleh Kiper said, adding that six adults were also injured in the attack.

A house was hit by a drone in the village of Velikii Burlkuk, which is located about 100 kilometers from Kharkiv, causing a fire to break out. The body of a 76-year-old man was pulled from the rubble, police said.

“The house was completely destroyed. “Policemen removed an elderly woman from a neighboring house,” the same source explained.

According to the authorities of the city of Kharkiv, drones damaged many vehicles and residential buildings, but there are no reports of other casualties.

These attacks occurred while in the provinces of eastern Ukraine the air raid warning sirens had soundedas Shahed drones were spotted approaching.