Critical consultations for a possible six-week ceasefire in Gaza are taking place in Cairo, where decisions on the American plan in the region are expected to be made.

International mediators and its representatives Hamas they arrived in the Egyptian capital for talks, however there are issues that have yet to be settled. In particular, the Israel reportedly demanding assurances about the fate of the hostages before attending the meeting and proceeding.

According to the BBC, an unnamed US official said Israel has “more or less accepted” the deal. However, Israeli media reports that Hamas refuses to say which of its hostages are still alive, so Israel refuses to attend the meeting until its request is granted.

Pressure for a deal intensified after Thursday’s incident outside Gaza City, where at least 112 people were killed while distributing humanitarian aid.

Hamas accused Israel of firing on civilians as they tried to take food from aid trucks. Israel rejected the accusations, arguing that the victims were either trampled in the panic or killed by the trucks, which ran over them.

On Sunday, Army spokesman Vice Adm Daniel Hagari, said the initial review “of the unfortunate incident where Gazans were trampled to death and injured as they reached the aid convoy” was completed. “Our initial review confirmed that no strike was carried out by the IDF against the aid convoy,” he said. “Many looters approached our forces and directly threatened them,” he added.

Egyptian officials, who conducted the talks with Qatar, said delegations from both Hamas and Israel were expected to attend the negotiations.

Hamas reportedly said an agreement on a ceasefire could be reached within the next 24 to 48 hours.