THE Donald Trump he aims to score a knockout blow today Nikki Haleyhis only remaining opponent for the presidential nomination Republican Party during today’s “Super Tuesday» (super tuesday)a day when 15 states hold primary elections.

The former president, who has dominated the Republican race since the beginning despite the criminal charges he faces, has so far swept all but one of the nomination contests (Sunday in the capital Washingtonwhere the Lip).

THE Trump leads Hailey’s in all states who are voting today and for which public opinion surveys are available, according to polling website 538.

In California and Texas, which together hold more than 300 delegates, Trump leads by an average of more than 50 percentage points.

But her allies Lip they see a small window opportunity to win in states such as Virginiathe Massachusetts and Vermontwhich have more of the affluent, college-educated voters who tend to support her candidacy.

Those three states are also among those holding Super Tuesday primaries, and those voting do not need to be registered members of the Republican Party.

Independents and moderate voters had favored Haley over Trump in early voting states, according to six Edison Research polls.

Another matchup that could potentially go in Haley’s favor is her own Jutewhose Mormons are rather cold toward Trump.

Trump is an undisputed favorite

Although Trump cannot win enough delegates today to be officially declared the winner of the race for anointingif he dominates today’s matches again, there will basically be no more suspense.

Today’s qualifiers are being held for more than a third of Republicans representatives – and for above 70% of the number of delegates needed to secure the anointing.

A third consecutive Republican presidential nomination for Trump will set him up for a new showdown with Democratic President Joe Biden in the November election. THE Biden is expected to comfortably win today’s Democratic primary, although activists oppose Biden’s policy on Israel and are calling on Muslim Americans and progressives to cast Minnesota ballots with the word “non-aligned” in protest.

THE Lipa former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. under Trump, is facing increasing questions about how long she will continue her campaign for the nomination, especially after she lost 10 days ago in her special constituency of South Carolina.

He has vowed to continue until the Super Tuesday clashesbut she hasn’t promised anything beyond that, and her campaign has no public events planned for today or later.

Trump advisers have said they expect their candidate to have Haley out of the way no later than March 19 – then two-thirds of the states will have voted.

Trump’s first criminal trial is set to begin six days later in New York, where the former president is accused of falsifying business records to hide payments he made to a porn star so she wouldn’t reveal her relationship with him.

Today’s primary comes a day after the United States Supreme Court ruled that states cannot exclude Trump from their ballots under a constitutional amendment that bars people who participated in insurgencies from holding public office.

The decision, while a victory for Trump, also recalled his efforts to overturn the outcome of the 2020 election, which culminated on January 6, 2021 with a mob attack on the US Capitol.

Trump also faces federal and state charges of election interference, though it is unclear whether those cases will go to trial before the November election. He also faces federal charges for taking classified documents after he left the presidency.