Donald Trump has already emerged as the winner in ten of the fifteen states where internal Republican votes were held yesterday to nominate the party’s candidate for the presidential election in November, as part of “Super Tuesday”, the most important date of the race, according to US media forecasts and statistical projections.

The former president, according to these calculations, won in Virginia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Maine, Arkansas, Alabama, Massachusetts and Minnesota his only opponent now in the race, Nikki Haley, his administration’s former ambassador to the UN.

He also emerged as a winner in Texas, a large state in the American South, one of the most populous in the country.

“Super Tuesday” is a critical matchup in every election season in the US, as votes are held in 15 states and one territory (American Samoa) to nominate the candidates of the two major parties. Millions of Americans voted yesterday in their primary ballots ahead of the November 5th presidential election.

On the Democratic side, President Joe Biden, 81, who is running for the nomination of his party practically without a serious opponent, is expected to win in all 15 states. His opponents, Minnesota politician Dean Phillips and author Marian Williamson, have never generated much excitement, despite ongoing criticism of the president’s advanced age, or his continued support for Israel in its war with Hamas, despite the humanitarian devastation. in the Gaza Strip.

As expected, he emerged as the winner of the proceedings in ten states, as well as in Iowa, where voting was done by mail in recent weeks.

Mr Trump is eager to finish off his rival Haley so he can devote himself to the campaign against Mr Biden. The two had also faced each other in 2020.

Mr Trump had earlier assured Fox News that “we’re going to win in every state”.

Associates of the tycoon anticipate that Mrs. Haley will have prevailed mathematically no later than March 19, when the internal procedures of the American right-wing party will be completed in two-thirds of the states.

He is on course to confirm his title as the proceedings favorite despite his problems with justice. His first criminal trial is expected at the end of the month in New York, for falsifying documents from his real estate group to hide payments he made to a pornographic actor during his 2016 election campaign to buy her silence about his extramarital affair with her.