During her “The Celebration Tour” tour in Los Angeles, Madonna opened up about the serious health ordeal she previously went through last summer.

She confessed that she had been suffering from a bacterial infection that landed her in the ICU last July, highlighting the presence of her doctor, Dr. David Agus, and her medical team during her worsening condition.

Madonna described the experience as a “near death experience”, stating that she did not feel in control and that her recovery was similar to a car accident.

During her speech, she also mentioned her doctor, stressing that he is “a very special person”. “He put up with so many fun phone calls from me. “When I was sick this summer, and I literally couldn’t walk from my bed to the bathroom, I called him every other day and asked him why I had no energy at all,” she said.

In closing, he thanked “everyone here for taking care of me and listening to all my endless complaints and my need for predictions that I couldn’t have. Be patient and kind. You still help me take care of everyone I know who is sick. Thank you very much, wherever you are.”

She also invoked her God, stating how she felt he had proposed to her to “come with us” and how she responded with a clear “no”. She also thanked her doctor and medical team for their care and patience during her recovery, and thanked everyone who supported her during this difficult time.