Fire on a cargo ship carrying more than 1,000 Porsches in the Azores


A fire broke out on Wednesday on a large cargo ship, which is estimated to be carrying about 4,000 vehicles, including 1,100 Porsches, off the Azores. The 22 crew members were rescued.

The fire broke out in the hold of the Felicity Ace, which departed from Eden, Germany on February 10 bound for Davisville, Rhode Island, USA.

The ship was located about 200 miles from the island of Terceira in the Azores, the Portuguese island territory. Portuguese forces rushed to help evacuate the ship.

No crew members or rescuers were injured in the rescue operation, which also involved a helicopter.

It remains unclear how much of the cargo was affected by the fire.

According to the Drive website, the Volkswagen Group estimates that there were almost 4,000 vehicles on board, including 189 Bentleys.

A Porsche Cars North America spokesman said 1,100 of the company’s cars were on board, with their fate unclear.


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