An external part of the fuselage of the Boeing 737-800 passenger aircraft of the American company United Airlines was found to be missing after it landed safely at its destination in Oregon.

This United aircraft was carrying 139 passengers and had a crew of six. The missing outer fuselage section was discovered after it was parked at a gate at Medford’s Rogue Valley International Airport.

“We will carry out a thorough examination of the aircraft and all necessary repairs before it returns to service,” the airline assured, adding that it would also conduct an internal investigation to understand the cause of the incident.

Boeing did not comment, referring to the carrier.

The aircraft — nearly 5,000 examples of this type have been delivered to Boeing customers — had departed from San Francisco, according to the specialist website FlightRadar24.

The safety of Boeing, one of the world’s two largest civil aircraft manufacturers, is again in the media after an incident unfolded on January 5, when an improperly bolted frame detached from an Alaska Airlines flight, which would it could prove disastrous if it were at a higher height.