Video of the Greek frigate “Hydra” patrolling the strait Bab el Madeb “EUNAVFOR ASPIDES” posted on Sunday.

The “Hydra” frigate provides protection to merchant ships passing through the Bab Al Madeb straits is highlighted in the post of “EUNAVFOR ASPIDES”, the European military operation for maritime security.

“EUNAVFOR ASPIDES” contributes to the increase of the awareness of the situation at sea and ensuring the freedom of navigation along the sea lines of communication in the region” is emphasized.

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It is noted that the Greek frigate had her first engagement last Wednesday March 13 at Gulf of Aden as part of the EUNAVFOR ASPIDES operation.

Specifically, frigate HYDRA in the morning hours on Wednesday 13 March 2024 in the Gulf of Adenproviding protection to a merchant ship, fired at 2 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)in accordance with the applicable Rules of Engagement, which were then removed.

The frigate “HYDRA” sailed from Salamis Naval Station on February 26after the approval of KYSEA and on March 3, 2024 it was deployed in the Red Sea region and joined the Company “SHIELDS” (EUNAVFOR ASPIDES), which is mandated to protect shipping from attacks at sea or in the air.

The frigate continues its mission normally.