White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan assured today, during his visit to Kiev, that the US aid package that has been blocked by Republicans for months “will get to Ukraine” and promised that Washington’s support will continue.

Aid, vital to Ukraine, has been blocked in Congress since late last year, further straining Ukraine’s military against a better-equipped and larger adversary.

From our point of view, we are optimistic that we will achieve this. We will bring this help to Ukraine“Sullivan said at the joint press conference he gave with the chief of staff of the Ukrainian presidency Andriy Yermak.

Sullivan did not give a timetable for the aid’s arrival, but said there was no reason to discuss a “plan B,” the idea that the aid could come in the form of a loan.

Yermak said that in their meeting they discussed Ukraine’s military needs, the NATO summit to be hosted in July in Washington and the peace summit that Kiev hopes will take place this spring in Switzerland. Ukraine does not plan to invite Russia to the summit where it will present President Volodymyr Zelensky’s peace plan. This plan envisages the complete withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukrainian territory, which Russia has already rejected.

Yermak said, however, that he believed China, which is considered an ally of Moscow and has close economic ties to Russia, would take part in the summit. Beijing’s involvement would be a major diplomatic victory for Ukraine.