An audio document of the moment of the collision of the Dali ship and the subsequent collapse of the bridge in Baltimorepublished by Maryland Transportation Authority. As can be seen from the freighter had made an audible call to alert the Authorities that it had lost power before crashing into the bridge.

In the audio, employees are heard announcing to the communication center that the bridge over the Patapsco River in Baltimore has just collapsed. First an official gives the first instructions: “Hold all traffic on the Key Bridge… A ship that has just lost its rudder is approaching, so until we get it under control, we have to stop all traffic. Make sure no one is on the bridge at this time. There’s a crew there… You might want to alert the foreman to see if we can get them off the bridge temporarily.”

Then another responds by saying he will “he took out the workers” but it was too late.

A second later, a voice is heard saying: “The whole bridge just collapsed. Start, start anyone… everyone. The whole bridge just collapsed.”

The same time, The search for the missing persons continues. The bodies of two of the six workers who died in the icy waters of the port of Baltimore, on the east coast of the USA, were recovered yesterday Wednesday, as announced by the authorities. The recovered bodies were identified. They are two men aged 35 and 26, members of a crew of road construction workers, who were repairing the road surface of the bridge Francis Scott Key when the accident happened.

The bodies of the remaining four of their colleagues, which yesterday Tuesday it became clear from the authorities how now presumed dead, they have not yet been located, authorities added.