A man has been arrested in Mexico on suspicion of involvement in the murder of a girl in the southern city of Taxco, a case that sparked outrage from residents who lynched the alleged perpetrator, the Guerrero state prosecutor’s office said..

The man was arrested and charged with the crime of murdering a minor, a press release from the prosecutor’s office said, clarifying that the arrest took place in Taxco, a tourist town located 170 km from Mexico City.

The body of the eight-year-old girl was found on a road on Thursday.

Dozens of enraged residents then blocked one of the the city’s main avenues before lynching a woman who was with two men.

All three were beaten with kicks and clubs. The two men are being treated.

Previously, a security camera video had surfaced online showing a woman and a man putting a black bag into the trunk of a car.

The girl went missing on Wednesday and her mother had received anonymous phone calls from strangers asking for money to release the girl, a relative of the family told local media.

The public prosecutor’s office “continues investigations to clarify the crime committed against a minor, so that this act does not go unpunished and the alleged perpetrators are brought to justice,” the public prosecutor’s office pointed out in a statement it issued yesterday Friday.

An investigation has been launched into “femicide” with the victim of the little girl and manslaughter against the woman who was lynched

In Mexico, lynchings of suspected criminals are common. Experts attribute this to citizens’ perception of impunity.

This case led the US embassy to order its employees not to travel to Taxco.

On March 14, two top security officials in Guerrero state resigned and the state prosecutor was fired after a student was killed by police.