“I am suspending my election campaign”: donald trump caused a sensation today, sending this message to his supporters… which turned out to be an April fool’s lie and was actually aimed at getting them to donate money to support his candidacy.

The Republican former president, who in November will face Joe Biden again in the presidential elections, sent this short message to his constituents, by e-mail and SMS. It was accompanied by a hyperlink to a website where those interested could donate $5,500 or $3,300 to Trump’s campaign.

“Did you really believe I suspended my campaign? April Fool’s Day!” Trump wrote in capital letters.

For several years, American voters have been inundated with text messages, letters and e-mail messages – sometimes as many as ten a day – urging them to support candidates financially. Thus, candidate staffs are forced to find increasingly “creative” ways to stand out. In a country where an election victory requires billions of dollars, donations are valuable.

Trump often invokes his court adventures to galvanize his voters. “Biden’s Attorney General is trying to put me in prison for life,” he wrote, without evidence, in some messages.

For now, however, the former president’s campaign fund has less money than Biden’s. The Democratic staff did not even hesitate to adopt the tactics of Trump, who is used to “decorating” his opponents with harsh adjectives, and now calls him “Don the tenner”.