“If the perpetrators of the attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus had been prosecuted, there would be no reason to punish the Zionists” is the message he sends Tehran according to the Iranian news agency IRNA

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in his message on the occasion of the death of the Iranian officials by Israel at the Iranian embassy in Damascus, he threatened that “we will make them repent of this crime and the like.”

The Iranian mission to the UN stressed that “if the Security Council had condemned the Zionist regime’s encroachment on our diplomatic facilities in Damascus and then prosecuted its perpetrators, perhaps there would be no need for Iran to punish this regime.”

After the Israeli attack, Iran’s mission to the United Nations sent a letter to the members of the UN Security Council to condemn this act, and then Russia requested a public meeting of the UN Security Council from Malta, which exercises the rotating presidency of this council.

“The meeting took place on April 2. The US, the UK and France, as well as their allies, South Korea and Japan, not only did not condemn this Israeli attack, they prevented the UN Security Council from passing a resolution condemning this attack” he comments the Iranian agency.

Following this action, Iran’s delegation to the organization announced that the UN Security Council meeting condemned Israel’s attack on Iran’s diplomatic facilities and emphasized the immunity of diplomatic facilities.

“Despite this alliance, the US, France and the UK opposed Russia’s statement. These two standards they undermine the credibility of the Security Council and lead down a dangerous path,” he added.