The chancellor Olaf Solz he was informed of the news about the start of Iranian drone attacks on Israel while on a flight to China, where he is expected to have a scheduled meeting with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

For “an irresponsible attack, which cannot be legitimized in any way,” the chancellor says, “Iran risks causing a ‘regional conflagration.'” side of Israel. We will discuss further moves in close coordination with our G7 partners and allies.”

“Danger of the region plunging into chaos”

“We strongly condemn the ongoing attack, which can plunge the entire region into chaos,” Germany’s foreign minister said in an initial post on Saturday night into Sunday. Analena Burbok, calling for immediate de-escalation and expressing Germany’s absolute solidarity with Israel.

On the side of the official opposition, the representative of the Christian Democrats for matters of defense and foreign policy, Roderich Kiesewetter, says: “I hope that Israel will overcome this massive attack that it received from the terrorist state of Iran. Germany must stand firmly by Israel’s side. There is no doubt that the German government must finally act consistently: put the Revolutionary Guards on the list of terrorist organizations, expand sanctions, support Israel in every way.”

Warnings to German nationals

The German ambassador to Israel speaks of an “unprecedented drone attack”. Stephen Seibertcalling on German citizens in the area to follow the instructions of the Israeli security authorities.

In the meantime already in Tehran the relatives of the employees of the German embassy have left the country and additional security measures have already been taken to protect the German embassies in Tehran and Tel Aviv.

The German Foreign Ministry also refers to the travel warning for Iran, Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Dimitra Kyranoudis, Berlin Correspondent of DW’s Greek Editor in Berlin