Tayyip Erdogan launched a direct attack on Benjamin Netanyahu, accusing him of being solely responsible for the recent escalation of tension in the Middle East.

“Israel is trying to provoke a regional conflict and its attack at the Iranian embassy in Damascus was the last straw,” he said at a press conference in Ankara after a cabinet meeting.

He added that new regional conflicts are likely as long as “cruelty and genocide” in Gaza continues and called on all parties to act with common sense. He also blamed the West for condemning Iran’s attack but not Israel’s attack on Iran’s embassy.

Iran attacked Israel with hundreds of explosive drones, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles that were launched on Saturday night, an attack for which Israeli officials have vowed to respond.

Iran called the attack retaliation for an Israeli attack that leveled a building at its embassy in Damascus on April 1 and killed two of its generals and several other officers.