Nigeria’s armed forces announced today that they have identified one of the 276 Chibok schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram men ten years ago.

Lydia was “rescued with her three children” near the town of Ngose in Borno State, the military said. The young woman is five months pregnant.

The mass abduction of schoolgirls from Chibok caused an uproar in 2014 and led to an international mobilization under the slogan “Bring back our girls”.

About 100 of the schoolgirls are still missing. In previous years, the army managed to rescue some of the rest, many of whom had been forced to marry their jihadist captors. Boko Haram members continue to carry out attacks in northern Nigeria, although the group has been weakened by military operations and its conflict with rival Islamic State in West Africa. Boko Haram mainly operates in isolated zones and targets convoys leaving towns under military guard.

Jihadist action in northern Nigeria has claimed the lives of more than 40,000 people since 2009. The displaced are estimated at two million. More than 1,680 students were abducted from their schools between 2014-22, according to the non-governmental organization Save the Children. In March, at least 130 children were kidnapped by gunmen in Kaduna State, but all were found and rescued a few weeks later in neighboring Zamfara State.