London, Thanasis Gavos

They are in “serious condition”. two of the five military horses which overturned their riders on Wednesday morning and for two hours ran uncontrollably through the streets of central London.

Undersecretary for Defense James Cartledge said that while three of the horses were in good health, two “are in a relatively serious condition and we will be monitoring them – they are serious but still alive”.

He also said that the names of these two horses are Vida and Quaker.

The management of the Royal Household Cavalry to which the horses belong said their reaction was caused because they were startled by the sound of construction work “right next to them” in the part of town where they had gone out for routine exercise. In particular, it is believed that they were frightened when the builders dropped some rubble from a height.

During the event there were also four injuries, with some of the trooper riders being taken to hospital as a precaution.

Videos and photos on social media showed the horses running and at least one covered in blood. The horses’ injuries were caused by their collisions with passing vehicles, a taxi and a double-decker tourist bus.