The first official photo of Denmark’s royal couple since King Frederik’s enthronement was released on Friday and shows Queen Mary standing next to the king – a typically poised and poised royal portrait, but one that did not go unnoticed.

Netizens commented strongly that the portrait is a product of either photomontage – Frederiks and Mary were photographed separately and entered “together” afterwards – either a product of AI, with shaky arguments.

First, the queen Mary is clearly more “bright and alive” by Frederick – almost “fake” – while her hand resting on the hand of her unfaithful husband seems to be somewhat oddly in front of his. This is likely due to photomontage – especially considering the recent rumors of the king’s extramarital affair.


Many users go a step further and claim that the portrait is a product of Artificial Intelligence.

“You can tell something is AI by the lack of clarity, especially when zooming in. This is the telltale sign,” writes one of them.

However, responding to the comments, the Danish palace issued a statement clarifying that the photo has not been edited.