London, by Thanasis Gavou

The pay details of around 270,000 British Ministry of Defense military personnel were stolen by a “malicious actor”, UK Defense Secretary Grant Shapps confirmed in an emergency statement to the House of Commons.

Despite morning reports that the British government believes the hack was carried out by China, Mr Shapps – as expected – did not name the country. He said, however, that “the involvement of a foreign state cannot be ruled out.”

However, the minister assured that the hacked system belonged to a company contracted to the ministry and not to the national security or military intelligence network.

He added that there are indications of possible mistakes in the field of security by this particular company, which are being examined.

Mr Sapps said the system contained information from regular, reservist and veteran soldiers. Specifically, they stole names, bank account details and in some cases home addresses.

He also referred to an eight-point plan which the Ministry of Defense will implement to deal with the issue.