Russia demands explanations from France for the seizure of the Russian ship


The Russian embassy in France is seeking clarification from the French authorities seizure of a Russian merchant ship in the Channel, the Russian news agency RIA reported today, citing the embassy.

French authorities have stopped a merchant ship carrying vehicles to St. Petersburg suspected of belonging to a Russian company, which is being targeted by EU sanctions against Moscowfor war in Ukraine.

A customs vessel, supported by a naval speedboat and a naval patrol boat, accompanied the cargo ship Baltic Leader, which had sailed from Rouen with a Russian flag, to the port of Boulogne, the Veronica official said. communication of the regional port authorities.

The 127-meter-long ship “has serious suspicions that it is linked to Russian interests targeted by sanctions,” the source said, adding that the measure, which is a sign of “determination”, is “rare” in the region.

According to the officer, checks are carried out by the customs authorities.

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