Preparing for Western “high-risk” rescue operation in Zelensky reveals British newspapers


London: Thanasis Gavos

More than 70 British Special Forces SAS commandos and 150 US Marines are being trained at an isolated military base in Lithuania, along with selected members of the Ukrainian special forces, for a possible rescue operation by President Zelensky from Kyiv.

The operation is described as “high risk” by newspaper sources, who stress that the mission will be carried out only if requested by the Ukrainian President himself, who, however, has already rejected a US proposal.

According to the Express, the operation will include the rescue of the family of the Ukrainian President, as well as members of his government.

Among the methods of Mr. Zelensky’s escape under consideration are the use of a Chinook or Osprey V-22 transport helicopter, while for additional security reasons it is not excluded to use a Russian Mi-8 helicopter that has fallen into the hands of Ukrainian forces.

According to the Times, at least three assassination attempts have already been made on Volodymyr Zelensky, two of Wagner’s private mercenaries and one of Chechen militants who have entered Ukrainian territory.

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