Draghi: “The constant arrivals of immigrants in Italy create an unbearable situation” |


Following the conclusion of the Libya Conference in Paris, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi referred to migration flows from the North African country to Italy.

“The constant arrivals of immigrants in Italy create an unbearable situation, the European Union must reach an agreement on this front,” said the Italian technocratic prime minister.

“We need to be able to make more investments in Libya, to spend more money to create more humane conditions for immigration, which often does not start in Libya but in neighboring countries,” Draghi added.

At the same time, he stressed that “it is important that the Libyan parliamentary and presidential elections are held together on December 24, but for this to happen, an electoral law is needed.” The head of the Italian government wished to ensure the maximum possible consensus and noted that “the presence of Mohamed Menfi and Abdul Hamid Dibeba in Paris proves that they are ready to work together, in view of complex events, which we consider in favor of Libya “.

Finally, Mario Draghi referred to the issue of human rights, emphasizing that “this is a case that must be addressed, with the effort and contribution of all.”


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