British Minister Defense: The Russians on the Ukrainian front are increasingly in despair


Thanasis Gavos, London

The invasion of Ukraine “is not going very well” for the Russians, repeated in his morning interviews the Minister of Defense of the United Kingdom Ben Wallace.

He noted that the developments on the ground show that the largest number of victims are Russian soldiers, who “have been disappointed by their wretched leaders, wretched leadership and plans.”

He said he was now waiting to see if the Kremlin would admit the large-scale losses.

“Russia is becoming more and more desperate, as it has started to have real logistical problems,” he said. Mr. Wallacenoting that the large Russian convoy northwest of Kiev remains “really stuck” for days.

Therefore, he noted, “we see Russia increasing barbarism.”

Asked about reports of possible Polish fighter jets being supplied to Ukrainian forces, the British Defense Secretary said he would support Poland as a NATO ally, but warned that such a move “could put it in a direct line of fire”. Russia.

He reiterated that a no-fly zone over Ukraine would not allow the Ukrainian air force to operate either. As he said, it is better to admit to Ukraine air defense equipment.

Meanwhile, at latest update The Russian Defense Ministry in London points out that Russia’s claims about the development of nuclear or biological weapons by Ukraine have intensified significantly since last month.

“These narratives have been circulating for some time, but are now likely to be magnified as part of the subsequent justification for the Russian invasion of Ukraine,” the British ministry added.

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